Email Marketing Service Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales

Email Marketing CardiffEmail marketing has been the cornerstone of online marketing for years, and it's still one of the most effective ways you can communicate with your customers. If you want to build strong customer relationships you need an effective way to talk with the people who matter most to your business. Email marketing gives you the power to reach your customers in a place they visit every day - their inbox. E-mail marketing has probably never been more effective than it is now, especially as almost everyone has the ability to receive e-mails on their phone or tablet - at any time of day. 

Some people will try to convince you that e-mail marketing is old-fashioned, even dead. Social media and mobile marketing might seem more 'sexy' but a well constructed e-mail with a strong focus on content will almost always generate more clicks and a better response. 

Real-time, personalised and targetted e-mail campaigns

One of the advantages e-mail marketing offers over traditional postal and telesales methods is the time it takes to prepare and execute a campaign. Printed materials take time to produce and distribute. Telesales campaigns are costly and limited by the number of calls you can make. E-mails are quick and easy to produce, in fact we can often create an e-mail in one day, meaning you can get the message out to your customers quickly and turn those clicks into enquiries and sales.  

Branded, mobile-friendly e-mails

Whether you're looking to send a one-off email or set-up a whole lifecycle campaign, we can produce a branded, mobile-friendly template, segment your database and create personalised, content-rich e-mails designed to deliver measurable results.

Reach people on any device - at any time

With nearly two-thirds of all e-mails being opened on a mobile device, email marketing is one of the best ways take advantage of mobile technology. Over time we capture click data from your subscribers to recommend the optimal e-mail send time in order to maximize your click-through rate.

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