Hi! I'm Mary

I have loved writing and performing ever since I can remember. As a child I used to make up stories with my mum, about my teddy bear - Flopsy - as well as using my bursting imagination to creatively find new ways of telling stories and then proceeding to act them out for my family, over and over again (sorry family!). As my faith got stronger, I began writing and using this gift to share my experiences of God's grace and love. I have a passion of writing spoken words and I wanted to start putting them out there, instead of holding onto them. But I didn't just want to show them without explanation. I wanted to let you in even deeper and help you to really understand Gods heart for you; to equip you to always see God as the joy amongst the pain, the explanation mark instead of the question mark, the love amongst the hate. 


All of my spoken words come from a place of longing to find God amongst the worlds negative voice, seeing God as the only thing that can rescue and save and I want to help show you that, through my story and my vulnerability. One of my favourite songs is 'You Make Me Brave' by Bethel - and right now, writing this 'about' section, trying to let you see a bit of the 'why' behind this blog, I get such a sense of God calling me out beyond the waves, calling me to be brave and trust in the promises he has made for me and use the gifts he has given me.

Therefore, this blog is all about doing that. It's about looking at Gods Word but seeing beyond the letters on the page; discovering the hope and joy found in plain sight amongst the pages; finding the truth and peace given to us so clearly through the Holy Spirits guiding voice; looking Beyond The Words and seeing Gods Heart right at the epicentre of everything. BTW I am completely on this journey with you! Some of my spoken words come out of a place of victory and some from a place of attack. But I am choosing to pick up my God Sword and fight, using my voice and the truth he has given me. I am choosing to go into battle, pen in hand, confident in victory!

Will you join me in looking Beyond The Words?

Send me a message with any questions or comments you have - I would love to hear from you:


© 2019 Mary Croft 

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