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Prayer: A Letter to the King

Isn’t it incredible that God gives us a direct line to Him through prayer? It is such a privilege that He wants a relationship with us, He listens to us and our prayers can play a part in His plan! He is keen to be answering our prayers, not reluctant. So, why are we sometimes hesitant to talk to Him? I guess prayer, as simple as it is, can sometimes feel really complicated. Well, I want to break down that lie over the next few blog posts and discover today the blessing and joy of coming to God in prayer and declaring our dependence on Him.

This famous, powerful, message of God’s Kingship is part of a bigger message on prayer, specifically looking at the word ‘Amen’. You can watch the whole sermon here. Dr. S. M. Lockridge focuses on looking at who we are talking to – a King – but we are coming to Him as Sons and Daughters; He is eagerly waiting for His children to come and speak with Him. ‘We can get so technical when it comes to being spiritual’, but God’s focus is on our heart and not our words, not if we say ‘aRmen or ‘aYmen’ or say sins or trespasses in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6). He knows what we really mean. In this preach, Lockridge talks to us about how prayer is like writing a letter to the King. I love this analogy because I often write prayers to God, I find it helps me to keep focused (remember, don’t worry if writing isn’t your thing – it’s about the heart).

I have put these points on writing a letter into a fun letter-like style below, which I hope is going to help and bless you! We are talking to a King but we are also talking to our Father.

Let's remember that prayer is all about relationship. It is about knowing who we are talking to and asking that we will be used by Him for His plans. I pray this is the beginning of a deeper and richer prayer life, for all of us who are investing time in desiring a more resilient relationship with God.

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