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When we look at the world, we can see God in everything. As I watched this performance on Britains Got Talent, I was blown away with the message they were communicating through dance! This is an empowering performance, showing that we are stronger than anything that comes against us:

Before the performance, Kronos Girls shared how they hated the way the world attacks and puts down girls’ identities. Constantly young girls are told: ‘You are too big, too small, too short, too tall, too funny, too loud, too shy, too…’ – I’ve had more than one of these lies spoken over me and at the time I took them on and believed them. I watch this dance and see the battle between the world’s lies, and the truth, that we are all created beautiful and our identity lies in Christ alone. The truth is that ‘God sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart’ - Samuel 16v7. What we carry on the inside – our dreams, passions, talents, our heart for God - this is where our confidence comes from.

‘No weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you.’

- Isaiah 54 v 17

This is a battle dance, and when we turn to the bible, we see that God had given us the authority over all lies. No weapon, no tongue, no lie that comes against us can prevail, because God’s word has the final victory. This dance shares the message beyond the words and portrays some incredible truths from the bible:

Stand Together: Exodus 17 v 8-12: While Joshua went to fight against their attackers, Moses went up the hill with Aaron and Hur to pray. He resiliantly lifted his hands and the staff given to him by God, and the whole time his hands were lifted, Joshua was winning. When his arms got tired, Aaron and Hur lifted them for him, until Joshua had total victory over their enemies. This inspires me, as Aaron, Hur and Moses all supported one another through their pain and tiredness, they suffered so that Joshua could succeed, so they all could claim the victory in God’s name.

I love the phrase used in society today that we are all queens and should ‘fix each other’s crowns’. This phrase not only shows that we are all equal and worthy of royalty status – Galatians 3 – but that we don’t need to constantly be comparing ourselves to each other, but instead, we should be championing those around us. I have a friend who literally screamed (and I mean I had to lower the volume on my phone it was so loud), in joy for me, over a tiny victory. That is what we need to be doing daily, encouraging and working together to destroy lies that come against us, celebrating joy. One person going into battle alone would stand no chance, but when they have their army around them, when they have their Moses’ praying for them and their Aaron and Hur’s giving their time, to serve them – their strength together is unstoppable.

This dance also made me think about one of the most famous Queens in the bible – Esther. She heard that her people were being treated unfairly, she easily could have hidden in the safety of her palace, but instead she stood up and rallied her people together to fast and pray over the attack they were facing. She then had the confidence to go approach the king and stand up for what she knew was right, because their unity encouraged her. She claimed her victory because she knew that she was not alone in her fight. She boldly spoke on behalf of her friends and family. I wonder if there is any situation in your life where you are currently trying to go through it alone, but it would be a huge relief to open up to someone around you, so they can fix your crown for you, when you don't have the mirror to see it for yourself? Or maybe you can think of a friend who recently has started to act differently and could be in need of someone to battle on their behalf? Let’s be like Esther; be and use the support of those around us - speak up for the truth that needs to have the final victory in our lives.

Light always defeats darkness: In the beginning everything was engulfed in total darkness, then God commanded; ‘Let there be light’ – Genesis 1. From the beginning of time, light has defeated darkness. In this dance we see light conquering, we see the strength of truth, overpowering lies. This one is simple; A city on hill cannot be hidden (Matthew 5); The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1). When we choose to live in the light, which is the truth and the promises of God’s Word, then we will not be overcome!

BTW this means any situation you are currently in, you will not only survive it but conquer it, if you claim God’s promises from the bible over your life – You are worthy, and nothing is too big, you are not too far away from God’s light and truth to find you!

So, whether you are struggling with identity, feeling isolated, believing lies about how you need to change or stuck in a negative relationship, etc. watch this dance and remember the incredible people you have positioned around you, remember that light and truth always can be seen, breaking through the darkness.

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